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Shoujo-Ai RPG

In the world there exists a class of humans with special abilities—those with advanced physical or mental prowess called WildSeeds and those who can bend the forces of nature and the arcane to their will called Crafters.

Since the first instance of WildSeeds and Crafters, decades ago, schools have been secretly constructed in order to train and teach them. Located on an island called Kotu, the most prestigious and reputable of these schools is Lotus Institute of Higher Learning for Girls, an all girls academy with a wide and specific curriculim devoted to educating WildSeeds and Crafters.

Those running the school present it as university to hide gifted humans from the public exposure and media while teaching them to control their abilities. Yet classes of political intrigue and stategem are taught to a select special few. The physical combat classes specialize in stealth and undetected movement. Technology courses center around hacking and hardware corruption. And those who graduated top from the academy always seems to end up in positions close to powers all around the world.

Welcome to Lotus Institute; an academy of magic, scholarship, friendship, rivalry, & mystery.

Academy Information. Rules, Guidelines, FAQ, etc. . Playable Species.
Magic. Summoning. Technology. Combat.

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