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yuri_names's Journal

Claim a Yuri Couple
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Ever wanted to call a Yuri Couple your very own? Well, following in the _name's tradition, you can here! :D
The rules are simple ^_^

1. Read the couples list carefully to make sure the pair you want isn't taken.
2. State the names of your couple (girl + girl) in a post. Please don't email any submissions.
3. State the anime|manga|game|band|etc that your favorite girlies are from to save us a lot of time and state what genre they are from.
4. 1 couple per person. If you ask for more, your requests will be ignored.
5. No flames, no homophobics, no rude comments. One warning, after that we will delete you. XP
6. You may not take a couple that has already been claimed, but you may take people and mix and match.
For example, there can be Michiru + Haruka AND Haruka + Usagi. And crossovers are allowed.
7. If you wish to change your claim, you MUST state what your original claim was and what it was listed under as well as your new claim and it's genre.
8. You MUST state your claim in an ENTRY to the community... NOT in a comment to someone else's claim or one of Admin's posts. Any such claims will be ignored.
9. Also, if there is something wrong with your claim, or it is incorrect on the list, make an ENTRY telling us this or send me an e-mail. If you comment to the claims list I may not see it. Thank you.

+ Claimed Yuri couples as of 1/4/03 +

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Line of command
+ Michi ladygeekster: co-owner, maintainer
+ Shini shinigaminoda: co-owner
+ Aya sight: original founder of the _names communities

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